Time Travelers

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Time Travelers

Refraction Of Light

Album previously released under suRRism-Phonoethics

Also this album was previously released 03 September 2011 under TTL in a limited edition of 100 copies in a 3″ CD. TwistedTreeLine a small sister/micro label from (Somehow Recordings). TTL is a postcard ambient label specializing in 3″ CD releases from artists around the globe.
visit September catalog on TTL shop site for purchases of this physical release @
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Refraction Of Light

Coma Centauri & Carlos Ramirez – Ad Undas

“Ad Undas” is a track collaboration Coma Centauri & Carlos Ramirez for the Dark Ambient Vol. 5 compilation.

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Dark Ambient Vol. 5

Next Left

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Next Left

Unknown 61′

“Unknown 61′” by Carlos Ramirez my contribution to “Korochun album compilation”
“One of the best compilations of the year 2012, not one single song is a blackout, enjoy the finest artists from the dark ambient genre. 89/100” – Quartier23

Backyard Ghost, in kollaboration with Sombre Soniks, present a new kompilation based upon Korochun, thee pagan Slavic Dark Holiday… Thee day when thee Black God and other spirits associated with dekay and darkness were most potent…

“The first recorded usage of the term was in 1143, when the author of the Novgorod First Chronicle referred to the winter solstice as “Korochun”.

It was celebrated by pagan Slavs on December 21 the longest night of the year and the night of the winter solstice. On this night, Hors, symbolising old sun, becomes smaller as the days become shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, and dies on December 22, the winter solstice. It is said to be defeated by the dark and evil powers of the Black God. On December 23 Hors is resurrected and becomes the new sun, Koleda.

Modern scholars tend to associate this holiday with the ancestor worship. On this day Western Slavs lit fires at cemeteries to keep their loved ones warm, and organized feasts to honour the dead and keep them fed. They also lit wooden logs at local crossroads. In some Slavic languages, the word came to denote unexpected death of a young person and the evil spirit that shortens life.”

Featuring 23 artists and released on thee Winter Solstice


released 21 December 2012
All Muziks by thee respektive artists
Koncept by the spirit dies
Organised by Backyard Ghost
Visuals by Fabian Van Der Meer
Hosted by Sombre Soniks

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Korochun Album

Hidden Sanctuary

Hidden Sanctuary

Album previously released under Petroglyph Music Net Label as a FREE DOWNLOAD

Art work Provider by “Momo Mano”
All tracks by Carlos Ramirez

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Hidden Sanctuary

Carlos by native sounds of friendship

From native sounds of friendship by native sounds of friendship
USA & Greece

native sounds of friendship

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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“Clandestine32” my contribution to Classwar Karaoke – 0016 Survey